What if I can’t work at regular intervals?

Some of my clients schedule me for several days in a row for some concentrated work.  Vacations or during summer and Christmas breaks often work well, especially for teachers.  I’m always happy to work around my client’s schedules.

What if I work during the week?  I can’t take off work.

I realize that client’s jobs come first.  I am available to work weekends and some holidays.

Where do I even start? It’s such a mess I can’t live with it. I’ve got to get it cleaned out now!

Clutter came into the home one item at a time, and needs to be addressed one item at a time, but sometimes it works well to schedule a few days in a row or in quick succession to bring some relief and equilibrium to your life.  This works well for kitchens and garages to name a couple.  I am happy to accommodate your needs.

I only have a small amount of stuff, but it still bugs me and I can’t seem to get clear with it.  Do you help with small jobs?

Yes!  They can be bothersome and prevent someone from moving into their next phase. I love clutter of all sizes!

I’m just starting out in life and don’t have a lot of stuff, but I want to set up a nice apartment for myself.  I’m lost how to do it.  Can you help?

It’s wonderful to start out life with a space that supports you. Whether you are a student, just graduated, or starting out on your own, it is nice to learn how to set up a home. It takes very little time, and is lots of fun!

I am older and don’t want to leave all this stuff for my kids to deal with like my parents left it to me. Is it too late?

No. Many of my clients are enjoying the freedom that comes from an environment that has less stuff. Often when we are older we are storing children’s “stuff”, and have accumulated our ancestors’ possessions along with ours. It can put a real squeeze on our mental, emotional, financial, and physical health.

What if my home is too much for you to handle? I am so ashamed to let anyone see this!

Most clients are very judgmental of themselves. I help them see things in a different light.  They are not bad, or stupid, or lazy! There are always reasons why this has happened. This is my job and I love doing this. Many of my clients don’t believe they can have or deserve a well ordered life.  I help you to do just that.

Is this the worst house you’ve ever seen?

I don’t relate to that question. I’m busy figuring out how to help my client easily work though their confusion/stuff and am looking at ways to make their life easier. I am looking at new possibilities you probably haven’t even thought of, not your stuff. I’m looking at your whole life and how you want to live it, not your stuff.

How do I let you help me when I feel so embarrassed and vulnerable if you see my space like this?

I’ve had someone come into my home and help me and I know what it feels like. I had someone help me clear my clutter once and I know how exposed and frightening this can feel. I have no judgment and I’ve seen all sorts of things. I am there for the holistic reasons and I see through all of the clutter in your space and I see the real you.

Do you help hoarders?

I’ve never liked the word hoarders, but it is in our vocabulary now since the shows on TV.  I of course notice the volume of clutter but only as it relates to the impact in my client’s life and where we can start in the home to give them some immediate relief. I love clutter of any size. The size just means it will take a little longer. The size just means there’s more to work with. That’s all.

How does this whole thing work?

It’s simple. You’ll need to get a feel for me and I realize that is part of what will make this work. First we talk on the phone for a complimentary 15-minute consultation. Then we set up an appointment and we meet. You don’t need to buy any containers and you don’t clean up before I get there. Together we’ll determine which area to start in and make a plan. It’s all tailored to what you want and need. We can dive right in on the first visit or schedule another time after our initial meeting. I am also willing to meet some where else for the first time.

How far will you travel?

I’m based in Salt Lake City, Utah and I travel throughout the region.  Whether you need just professional organizing, Feng Shui, or both, I work with clients from Logan, to Ogden, to Park City to Provo. I am also willing to travel throughout the rest of the state and the US to help someone. Contact me and we’ll get a plan that works for you.

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