“It is my pleasure to write about my experience with Claudia Draper.  She has worked with me in my home extensively for several years.  In that time, she has used her many talents to help me reorganize my entire house, patiently solving one problem after another.  She has been my clutter clearer, feng shui consultant, color and interior design advisor, house painter, garage organizer, confidante, and much more.  She has even helped me learn to cook!  I have found her to be friendly and easy to work with; full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion for what she does; extremely resourceful and knowledgeable about a variety of tasks; and a tireless worker.  She likes things done correctly and works hard to ensure that they are.  She always has a positive attitude, whatever the situation, and maintains an air of confidence about her that I find refreshing.  I have depended upon her to help me with many difficult and sensitive decisions.  Whatever your household organizational challenge, Claudia can rise to the occasion!  I could not recommend her more highly! Thank you for another year of hard work, indispensable help, and warm friendship.  I never really believed it, but little by little we’re getting there!  Thanks so much for helping me turn a house into my home.”   Carolyn Jones,  Salt Lake City, UT

“Thanks for all your help and encouragement.  I think I’m starting to grow up and it’s not frightening this time!!”  JS,  Sandy, UT

“I was buying a house, moving…and there were still piles and boxes from the last move.  I couldn’t seem to get through them and they followed me wherever I went…but accumulating!  I couldn’t seem to get through them, unable to make decisions, getting more and more stuck with stuff!  What was wrong with me?  I couldn’t keep it all.  It scared me to get help, what could she do?  Would she force me to make decisions I couldn’t seem to make – to part, to sort, to keep!?!  I wanted to clean things up but emotionally it tore me up to think of parting with anything.  Why?  Claudia suggested we start sorting.  There were some piles…too many…I would stop and say “This I cannot part with.”  But as we sorted I was asked meaningful questions such as, “What does this mean to you”?  The pile, for example, that I could not part with only had a couple of items I wanted to keep.  “You mean I get to keep a sweater or a dress for sentimental reasons?”  No wonder I couldn’t part with the pile – there was something in there I wanted to keep.  I just needed perspective and honoring to recognize what.  It was a liberating moment when that happened – something that transferred meaning and clarity into the mental and emotional areas of my life.  Thank you! Claudia.”   Pamela Newton, West Jordan, UT

“Two things impressed me in working with Claudia.  First was we were able to remove some of the clutter from our lives and second she was able to create a wonderful office for me from things that we had around the house without having to go out and buy a lot.”  Carl, Parker, CO

“Claudia was very skillful and professional at discerning the needs and personalities of each individual in our home, in helping us define what activities and purpose our home serves in our lives, and then in applying Feng Shui principles.  Claudia helped us with paint color, lighting, structural changes and rearranging our furniture and wall hangings, thus establishing an easy flow of energy and creating a feeling of peace and harmony.  Claudia also used her expert skills to help me file, de-clutter and organize my belongings.  Claudia is very professional.  She knows how to zero in on what a person needs and what is appropriate for them and their home.  I love my house now.  We will be ever grateful to her.     Jacque, Parker, CO

More from Jacque: “I love my sewing room.  By re-arranging furniture, deciding what tasks would be going on in that room, where equipment should be placed, etc.  I now have a wonderful place to enjoy for myself, and with my grand kids when they come to sew with Grandma.  I feel a nice, comfortable difference in our surroundings.  A “feel good” feeling if you will. We have a good feeling in our home because the chi or energy is flowing better.  This gives us a feeling of peace and harmony.”

If you need to be operated on, go to a surgeon. If you have a problem with your car, see a mechanic.  If you can’t find your bed or front door, call Claudia. Lisa, Murray, Utah

More from Lisa: Claudia is a lifesaver.  I have always had a difficult time with family things.  I could not throw anything away that belonged to the people I love and loved.  In addition, there were the bits and pieces that I saved, just because…  I always wanted to have a home that if someone dropped by I would not have to rush out to meet them on the front porch.  I wanted a home that I could have family and friends to dinner.

I was very nervous about Claudia coming.  What would she think of my house?  What would she think of me?  Then we went for it. Clothing was the first thing we tackled.  My eyes glazed over and sometimes I even cried.  Claudia gently said.”I don’t think we have enough information for that. Let’s put it aside.”  I breathed a sigh of relief and thought this could work; this really could work!  Then the bedroom, office, upstairs baths, storage shed and patio. Oh my!

The biggest lesson I learned is we all have gifts. Organizing is not one of mine. Claudia has this gift in abundance. When you don’t have a certain gift or knowledge, find someone that does. Claudia has made all the difference in my life.

I also liked that she helped me with some basic household knowledge so I was able to see what to do on my own… simple things.  If you don’t have the skills, find someone that does. With Claudia I learned”    Lisa, Murray, Utah

“I was shocked to see the changes in my sister’s home as Claudia helped her wade through mountains of “stuff”!  She had been paralyzed for years because of it.  Although I would loved to have helped my sister personaly, I would have never had the patience to work through all of it as gently and sensitively as she needed or required.  Claudia supported her and our family though this life changing event.  It is wonderful to see my sister moving into a fuller life.”  Malcom, New York:

“Claudia helped my daughter with clutter clearing and I am more than pleased.  She changed my daughter’s life for the better by being patient, kind, respectful and nonjudgmental.  Claudia has not only helped my daughter to put her home in order but has taught her skills necessary keep it that way.  I am so happy to see my daughter returning to being the cheerful self confident person that had been lost for many years.”  Irene, Salt Lake City, UT

“I hired Claudia Draper as my Feng Shui consultant on my home that I was selling in Park City, Utah.  I felt a need to differentiate my home from the myriad of others on the market.  Claudia was great!  She rearranged a few rooms & offered suggestions that gave the home a more open feeling.  I followed her suggestions & the very next party that toured my home submitted an acceptable offer & it is sold!   Thanks Claudia!”  Susan, Park City, Utah

“Claudia first came to my home the beginning of February.  At that time my focus was on meeting a man to have a relationship with.  So we worked that night in my intimate relationship area.  The next day I met a man who had so many of the qualities on my list  that I was astounded.

Since then, I’ve worked on other areas in my home.  It is now the end of August and I have had a friend offer to rebuild the front entry to my home, put in a new door and pay for the door!

I have had multiple people offer to help me paint the outside of my home.  Yesterday a friend brought me cash to pay for the paint with the comment that if I need more money to just let her know.

Last week the leader of my congregation told me that they wanted to get a swamp cooler for me and install it.  There are men here putting it in as I write this. One day this summer a friend stopped by unannounced with flowers for me to plant in my yard… just because she wanted to.

I just had a friend who needed a place to stay move in with me.  The rent from that will help me pay for a trip to Portugal to see my daughter that I otherwise would not be able to afford.

My life has never been so wonderful.  I’m experiencing peace, security and joy in my life that I’ve never felt before.  It’s giving me a foundation that will enable me to give to others.  I can’t wait to see what else will manifest in my life as I continue practicing the Feng Shui principles Claudia is teaching me.

Thank you, Claudia, for getting the energy moving for an amazing new life!”  Linda Homer, Salt Lake City, Utah

“It was about six months after Claudia and I had finished clutter clearing and organizing my home that I realized I was a different person.  I had finally come into myself.  I could draw boundaries in a kind manner because I knew, loved, and appreciated who I had become.  I finally stepped into my life and I like it and who I am.”  Flora, West Valley, Utah

“When I hired Claudia my focus was on having a clean house…or at least that was my hope.  But now I am actually glad I had all this stuff so I could learn about me…and in the end…I’ve got a clean house on the side!”  Marla, Salt Lake City, Utah

“I have worked with Claudia a few times. The first time my husband and I just purchased our first home and I wanted to work the energy of the space to provide the best environment for our new life together. Claudia gave us simple Feng Shui pointers and helped us pick out the most beautiful paint colors. She immediately saw US, not a trend or what we “should” do. She guided us to make the best decisions for our home. Three years later I had Claudia come back for round two and this time I really needed help de-cluttering the stuff we had acquired. I was feeling overwhelmed as a business owner who mostly works out of my home, yet I didn’t have a space that was clear and beautiful. I was constantly distracted and didn’t know where to start. After just a few hours, my office was a new space. Tiny changes made big results. I can’t wait to start on the rest of my home! I feel so free and inspired in my home again!”  Angela, West Jordan, Utah

Carl Parker, Colorado

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